**NEW** Birmingham digital mill readout systems

Made in China

Serviced and parts inventory maintained in California.

The following systems sizes are available:

Package Number: Sino-Uniq 9 x 42  milling system  12" x 32" Travel

Fits 9 x 42 milling machines: $390.00 each



Package Number: Sino-Uniq 9 x 49 milling system  12" x 38" Travel

Fits 9 x 48/49 milling machines: $450.00 each



Package Number: Sino-Uniq 10 x 54 milling system  16" x 36" Travel

Fits 10 x 54 milling machines: $430.00



Flat rate UPS Ground shipping to be added to the above price



No other sizes are available. My suppler only stocks the above sizes.



Call us at 877-376-4373 or 714-321-6592 to place a order.

Please measure your X  & Y axis travels.

The complete system - includes:

Model SDS6-2V two axis display

    Key pad: Membrane Type

Function Display: Green Light


Here are the features that are available in the display:


Keys for Axis selection     Entry keys for digits


+ , - , X , '/. , = keys for calculation function


"crt" - calculation function key


"arc" key for inverting trigonometric functions


square root key    enter key


clear key    1/2 function key


"inch/mm" conversion key


absolute zero key    zero key


Bolt hole circle key


drilling hole in a oblique line key


Angular surface processing key


9 Tool compensation key


absolute/incremental key




Model KA-300 scale

The scales are high precision glass scales.

They are not some flimsy rod that has not been checked for accuracy with a laser! 

We show a actual picture of our scale not a drawing like our competition.

You can see what you are getting from us.

  The specifications of the scales are below:

Resolution: 5um (0.005mm).0002 inch    Output Waveform: SQUARE WAVE

Standard cable length: 3 Meter (about 9 feet)   



The package also includes the following: 


System comes with a 1 year Mfg. warranty.


The following pictures are the scale and display with the brackets attached.

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