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Jenix Digital Readout Systems - DRO

We import these digital readouts directly from the manufacturer in S. Korea.

These systems are of the highest quality.

We stock replacement parts and services these systems here in the USA.

Our prices cannot be beat from any other manufacturer for the same type system and quality.

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If you have questions about the Jenix scales and scales, please feel free to give us a call.

877-376-4373 or 714-321-6592

Sargon digital readout systems

Sargon 650 displays 

Sargon Industries went out of business in August 2005.

For more information from a copy of the original Sargon web site, please click on this link: 

LMSC was a dealer for Sargon and has decided to continue to support the Sargon dro product as best we can.

Parts are available as we can find them. Some repairs can be made on the display and scales.

We are also offering Jenix replacement displays and scales that can be adapted to you existing Sargon equipment.

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Birmingham "Uniq/Sino" digital readout system

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A Quality digital readout system made in China.

 See pictures of the system and the scales and display with the brackets mounted.



If you are interested in the repair of Sokki digital readout systems,

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If you are interested in the repair of Autometronics digital readout systems,

please click here: Autometronics

LMS/Sokki is not affiliated with Ono-Sokki or Sokkia

If you are interested in Ono-Sokki or Sokkia products,

please click here:Ono-sokki

Please click here:Sokkia


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LMSC is now authorized to accept credit cards directly.

For new product call us direct at 877-376-4373 or 714-321-6592.

For repair information and status call us at 855-376-4373 or 714-468-0148

Hours of operation: 8am to 8 pm - pacific standard time

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If you would like to send us a fax, please call: 714-772-1871

If you would like to send us a e-mail, please send it to: lmsc@pacbell.net

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